Manufacturing data management in an all-round way

Comprehensive management of manufacturing product structure (support external integration and data automatic import)

Comprehensive management of manufacturing process route (support external integration and data automatic import)

Comprehensive management of manufacturing task time (support external integration and data automatic import)

The only barcode data association and tracking

The basis of comprehensive information is the necessary condition to realize enterprise manufacturing execution management

Production planning management

Comprehensive management of enterprise manufacturing orders throughout the production process

Through different projects kanban to each order, each parts, each working procedure, each set of a, actually completed the task status, project node, scrap number, try cutting quantity, such as the number of the input and output real-time information

Through an intuitive graphical expression, as well as color remind, makes the enterprise leaders at all levels, production supervisor, scheduling, etc can be real-time production task execution status, easy to master

Capacity balance analysis

Through the intuitive graphics, digital, provide enterprises with work center/equipment task load analysis, department/team task load analysis and the type of work task load analysis

Through the red line, clearly identified task overload work center/equipment, department/team, type of work

Through detailed data query and analysis step by step, to help plan and scheduling tasks for outsourcing and balanced, optimize production plan scheduling

Task dispatching management

After the completion of the production plan, automatically generated task dispatching, and through the barcode scanning to the automatic conveying process, drawings, process guidance document, etc

Has a strong ability of tasks dynamic scheduling, the response production site various state changes

Field specifies the location of the operator can use task dispatching single recipients cutting tools, tooling, materials, and carry on the processing, inspection, warehousing and other process operation

Can be used for distribution of working hours and settlement management

Task dispatching single throughout the entire production flow process

Finished goods, wip, cutting tools, tooling inventory management

Support for finished-parts storage, turnover, tooling/tool such as library classification warehouse management

Support shall be carried out in accordance with the enterprise product complete warehouse check outbound management and lack of parts

Has a strong inventory retrieval ability to support at any time and history records back to browse the current warehouse

All process can be through the barcode scanning system operation, accurate and convenient

Workshop each work center received processing tasks at the same time, tooling/tool warehouse according to the manufacturing orders required tooling needs to prepare

For tooling/cutter tools such as missing parts and timeout to borrow for warning

Embedded intelligence advanced production scheduling engine (plug-in APS)

MES provides FCS from relatively simple finite capacity planning system to the advanced planning and scheduling the APS system, to supply chain solution plan, is the production operation management to further improve the effective tools

By providing the user with a electronic tools to track and allocate the daily production plan

Provides a large number of reports and charts for the use of the query

Comprehensive quality management system

MES solutions offer optional set of a set of supplier management, advanced quality planning, data collection, information transmission, data analysis, real-time monitoring, information feedback, process control, document management, complaint management, measuring tool management, ERP system integration and management decision making in the integration of computer network quality management system solutions.For raw materials into the factory, manufacturing, and on the user's use of the product whole life cycle in the process of digital, networked, dynamic management, through continuous improvement, we will further improve the production quality management to enterprise layer integration is a comprehensive quality management system (TQM).

Production visual management system

Support the man-machine interactive browsing operation

According to the situation of scene of virtual reality modeling

Can through the mouse left/right click on browse information in the whole production process

In the form of 3 d simulation reappearance workshop site, never leave home to know production status in real time

By color or bubbles can real-time display the location of the current processing task, process, current status, operation personnel, complete the information such as quantity, the completed progress

Through the implementation of MES system, you can achieve

Saving 10-30% of material costs, through the system integration and linkage between material wear and reduce inventory

Save 15-20% of the labor cost, through the data real-time feedback and resource management of direct and indirect labor efficiency improvement

Save 20-50% of capital expenditure, through better use of equipment, achieve coordinated material supply and production capacity is improved

More than 35% of the customer service to improve, through perfect production ready to meet customer orders, to speed up the response speed and accurate information feedback in time

Quality improvement and defects to eliminate up to 50%, through the production process supervision and management and correct reasonable workflow

MES solutions customized application development

IMES solution provides detailed role definition, definition, definition, the personnel department and flexible process management.System can not only provide users with a complete set of business and management process, using can also according to customer's business features or requirements, custom application configuration and secondary development, help users to reach the company the production and management goals.

With the enterprise ERP/MES system management of the PLM/CAPP integration

Is the result of the globalization market the product technology, iMES system has powerful function and data integration system application ability, can with the enterprise ERP/PLM/CAPP, and other information system integration, such as SAP, UGS and PTC, for enterprises to build from production field to upper management comprehensive information solutions.At the same time, iMES can also and other domestic brands of ERP/PDM/CAPP system integration applications.