NSDAT provides the platform for lean manufacturing concept and integrated MES solution is to rely on more than 10 years the world's leading and sophisticated software and hardware system design and development technologies from Europe and America, and a lot of project implementation and application of experience, combined with the depth and the discrete manufacturing process specification and domestic enterprises actual demand and custom development of a strong professional, high maturity of intelligent manufacturing management system as a whole solutions (MES).

MES solution based on real-time collaborative ideas as the leading factor, to the implementation of production plan and workshop dynamic scheduling as the core, set of ideas and methods of lean production, constraint theory, enterprise resource optimization theory, supply chain management, outsourcing management, human resource management, business management, and other advanced management concept, fully absorb for decades at home and abroad, especially in discrete manufacturing enterprise informatization construction experience, the teaching and the research results and makes enterprise manufacturing information integration management application system.MES solution to have manufacturing informationization demand oriented enterprise users, is the core of advanced manufacturing enterprises to realize comprehensive management.

The applicable scope of MES

Research and development and batch production mixed production mode of enterprise, such as aerospace manufacturing, heavy energy equipment manufacturing complete sets of equipment and heavy machinery manufacturing, etc 

Large domestic manufacturing enterprises, foreign capital and joint venture manufacturing enterprises and various size of private manufacturing enterprises, etc 

Many varieties, small batch, according to the order production of enterprises, such as single foundry enterprise, tooling and manufacturing companies, etc 

Products are complex and changeable, production capacity bottleneck of enterprises 

According to the traditional market forecast production industry, such as general machinery equipment manufacturing, machine assembly and the assembly of electronic products production, etc 

Other products for customer for custom manufacturing enterprises

The applicable scope of MES

The characteristics of MES

  • In lean manufacturing digital process management as the goal is dominated by the collaborative management concept

  • Lean production target for process control

  • Order driven as the dominant mode of production

  • Visualization of integrate digital manufacturing capacity

  • C/S combination of B/S structure management system, make the management on the server and the client application for more efficient and convenient

  • Create value for customers and all participants, driven by customer value stream uninterrupted flow, by eliminating all waste to make enterprise management more perfect.