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Fuel Cell Testing System

Fuel cells are developing into a very efficient and clean production method to satisfy future electrical energy needs.  Fuel cells provide lots of critical benefits not present within many of the traditional energy production methods in use today.  Obviously, the energy provided by fuel cells is produced from hydrogen, a conversion which releases only air and water and creates no harmful emissions.  This characteristic is one of many reasons that fuel cells are continuing to gain ground in commercial, private consumer, military, automotive and many other electrical energy production industries.

Fuel Cell research and development is an iterative process that requires extensive amounts of data collected in a repeatable and accurate manner over a period of days, weeks and even months.  Ronstein provides clients with customized test and measurement platforms that allow for standardized tests and test environment conditions.  

We understands that the scientists and engineers involved with R&D or building fuel cells need a variety of data acquisition, control, analysis, and visualization tools to assess and validate fuel cell technologies.  Our systems provide comparative data on the performance and characteristics of both single fuel cells and fuel cell stacks.  This data is often integral to continued product development progress.  

A solution designed by Ronstein allows the client to:

• Simulate a variety of real-world load  scenarios using state of the art load devices

• Control experimental conditions through custom-designed flow control and thermal management systems

• Collect data using a customized and expandable data acquisition system

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