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New Energy Industry
New Energy Industry

Currently, the new energy innovation has swept the automotive industry globally that from traditional fuel-powered vehicles to new energy vehicles, particularly in terms of electrification and intelligentization. The global automotive market is experiencing a unprecedented change. Under this circumstance, Ronstein as a supplier to provide customized machines for Tier 1 auto parts company is actively involved and continuously providing intelligent solution.

As an automotive component assembly and testing equipment supplier, Ronstein is not only involved in various fields such as hydrogen fuel cells, electric powertrain assemblies, ADAS, and onboard chargers, but also focuses on providing customized intelligent solution to meet customer needs.

Ronstein's intelligent solution cover automatic process and high-precision machining in manufacturing, therefor we can provide reliable quality control and testing solution to ensure that product performance and quality meet requirements. By involving digital technology and intelligent equipment, Ronstein is able to significantly improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure a quick response of delivery.

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