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Multi-in-one Electric Drive System
Multi-in-one Electric Drive System

With the development of the electric vehicle market, automotive manufacturers increasingly need to adapt more compact and integrated electric drivetrains. Conventional 3 in 1 electric drivetrains no longer meet these requirements, multi-in-one electric drivetrains becoming a new trend. The multi-in-one electric drivetrain integrates multiple modules such as the motor, gearbox, motor control unit (MCU), onboard charger (OBC), invertor, high-voltage power distribution unit (PDU), and battery management system (BMS) into a single unit, reduce space and cost.

Based on this trend, Ronstein provide complete intelligent solutions of  assembly to testing. We are also developed advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment to help automotive manufacturers launch multi-in-one electric drivetrain products faster, improving production efficiency and product quality. With Ronstein's solutions and equipment, automotive manufacturers can better meet market demands and being a lead position in the competition.

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