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NVH Testing System

Electric motors/actuators are ubiquitous throughout the automotive, machinery and aerospace industries. With rising demands for comfort and safety, the number of electric motors is also increasing. Testing these motors/actuators for functionality and reliability is crucial before they are installed in hard to reach places.

We offer expert consultation, design and implementation of test stands to meet any requirement, including the development of testing strategies and custom applications. Additional Ronstein services such as calibrations, training help to make your Ronstein solution a sound investment for today, as well as for the future.

Electric motor/actuators testing – our expertise

• Development test stands & end-of-line test stands

• Testing of all common E-motor sizes from 100mW – 100kW

• Testing of complex E-drive components & actuators

• Testing according to standards & customer requirements

• Simulation of hardware & software components

• Integration in production & administration

• Comprehensive services: consulting, conception, implementation, calibration, maintenance & training

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