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Company Overview

Ronstein Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2009 and located in the beautiful garden city of Suzhou. The company focuses on the automation industry, specializing in customer-specific production processes and providing reliable intelligent manufacturing solutions to its customers.

The company has been committed to top-notch technology research and development and system integration in the industrial field. It offers first-class solutions and products to customers. With years of innovation and development, Ronstein has grown into a company with rich technological and cultural heritage, deserving the trust and reliance of its customers. The company has accumulated extensive industry experience in fields such as traditional automotive components, new energy electric drive, hydrogen power, One box, ADAS, engineering hydraulics, and industrial electricals.

Expanding Global Service Network
Expanding Global Service Network

While rooted in China, the company has established subsidiaries in Europe and plans to establish a presence in North America by 2023. Ronstein is strategically expanding its global footprint, aiming to develop its intelligent manufacturing solutions worldwide.

Customer satisfaction drives our development. We adhere to the spirit of excellence and innovation, offering highly competitive products and services to earn the trust of our customers. Our goal is to achieve steady growth and sustainable operation.

Operation Philosophy
Operation Philosophy

Value cooperation

quality first

focus on brand

sustainable development

  • Value Cooperation
    Value Cooperation

    We always advocate the value of win-win in the company's business activities, which is not only reflected in the cooperation between us and customers, but also reflected in the value of mutual benefit between us and associates.

  • Quality First
    Quality First

    We always believe that good quality will bring us higher value. We pay great attention to the details of quality to ensure that we can meet the strict requirements of customers in our daily business activities.

  • Focusing on Brand
    Focusing on Brand

    The brand endows the company with vitality, guides our direction, and continuously enhances our value.                                                                                                                                              

  • Sustainable Development
    Sustainable Development

    Sustainable development is the driving force for the continuous progress of the enterprise. We put the concept of sustainable development throughout our work, so that we can make continuous progress in the process of development.


Our values are the foundation of our sustainable development and the foundation of our future creation. lt is guiding our actions and expressing our values and responsibilities.

We have been endowed with passion for work. the continuous pursuit of quality. We advocate win-win. Advocating science dare to innovate and change serving customers sincerely. to ensure the best and fastest service. Maximum meet customer needs, and continue to contribute to the world's industrial automation.

Associate Development
Associate Development

Associate development is a continuous process of maintaining and further developing associates’ qualifications needed to cope with present and future challenges. This goes for all associates of RONSTEIN Group. Career growth is particularly important for those associates with the ability to manage assignments that contribute significantly to the economic growth of the Company.

Associate development is primarily a management task, but it is up to all of us to take the initiative. Associates are also expected to be responsible for their own professional development. HR departments support all associates in this by providing suitable tools and advice on how to use them.

Jobs Sector Workplace Number of recruits More
Mechanical Design Engineer Mechanical Design Engineer Suzhou 8

Job Responsibilities:

1.Responsible for project feasibility research and system scheme design, and control project cost;

2.Responsible for the connection with the customer in the first stage of the project, or assist the project manager to control the technology;

3.Responsible for the design of structure and parts during project execution, and ensure the smooth development of project design together with electrical software and hardware engineers;

4.Cooperated with the project manager to arrange the work, controlled the progress of the mechanical design stage, and updated the drawings in time during testing;

5.Need to pay attention to quality and optimize cost during the daily work, and consider the details of electricity and gas distribution in the design process;

6.Assisted the quality management system, and responsible for the document control and document life cycle management during the company's R&D process;

7.Responsible for patents, trademarks and related intellectual property rights in the R&D process;

8.Provide necessary technical support during the project.

Job Requirements:

1.Bachelor’s degree, major in mechanical design, manufacturing and automation;

2.At least 3 years’ experience in non-standard automation design;

3.Familiar with transmission mechanism and pneumatic design and motor selection;

4.Proficient in mechanical drawing software;

5.Quick thinking, easy to get along with people, good team work.

Electrical Design Engineer Electrical Design Engineer Suzhou 10

Job Responsibilities:

1.Responsible for technical connection and discussion with customers in the project scheme process;

2.Responsible for the programming of various automation projects, including PLC, HMI, etc.

3.Responsible for software testing in the late testing phase of the project;

4.Control the planning electrical software writing and testing time of the project;

5.Cooperate with sales, production and after-sales departments to provide technical support;

6.Responsible for the preparation of various documents for the project, including component user manual and equipment specification.

Job Requirements:

1.Bachelor’s degree or above, major in electronic or electrical or industrial automation;

2.At least 3 years’ experience in non-standard equipment or system electrical circuit design;

3.Proficient in at least two kinds of major PLC programming, large project control experience is preferred;

4.Good English communication skill.

Mechanical Assembly Technician Mechanical Assembly Technician Suzhou 6

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for electrical wiring/mechanical assembly of equipment;

2. Be able to understand parts diagram, gas diagram, pipeline diagram, electrical schematic diagram/mechanical assembly drawing;

3. Understanding of electrical components or mechanical parts and completing electrical/mechanical assembly of project independently;

4.Be able to use common tools, and be responsible for tool storage and maintenance;

5.Conducted the operation according to the operating standards and technological process, and ensure the quality is under the requirements;

6.Operation according to the 5S standard requirements of the production site;

7.Recording in the production process and giving quick feedback of abnormal production to leaders;

8.Cooperate and guide new colleagues and cooperate with each other;

9.Willing to participate in equipment testing;

10.Other work arranged by the leader.

Job Requirements:

1.Majored in automation, mechatronics, etc.

2.At least 2 years related experience in machine and equipment assembly;

3.Experience in non-standard automation equipment assembly is preferred;

4.Outgoing, optimistic, stable and practical, with strong learning ability and team spirit;

5.Short-term business trips are acceptable.

Staff Mien
  • 01

    Spring Team Building at Red Bean Mountain Resort in 2023

    In March, Ronstein Group's 2023 Spring Team Building Activity kicked off with great fanfare. The event included employee check-ins, flying disc games, food DIY, and a chef competition, which made everyone very happy.

    Employee Check-Ins

    On the first day of the activity, all employees participated in the check-in session actively. Everyone came to report on their work and life situation, feeling the warmth and strength of this big family.

    Flying Disc Games

    Next, the flying disc game began. In the fresh air, employees divided into groups, sweating and enjoying the pleasure brought by exercise. Through close cooperation and tacit cooperation, each team achieved good results.

    Food DIY

    The hungry employees got the opportunity to do some food DIY. Each group had its own kitchen and materials and could freely use creativity to make unique and delicious dishes. Through sharing and tasting, employees got to know each other more deeply and cultivated teamwork spirit.

    Chef Competition

    Finally, the chef competition involving all employees was launched. Each group sent out their best representatives to showcase their cooking skills and teamwork spirit. After professional judges' evaluation and voting, several winners were selected.

    The whole event was filled with laughter and love, creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Employees spent a pleasant time and gained a deeper understanding of company culture and values.

  • 02

    Hiking the "Lingbai Trail" in 2022

    In 2022, Ronstein Group's hiking activity took place as scheduled on a weekend, and employees participated in the event with great enthusiasm. The route of the activity was to cross the Lingbai Line, which is a hiking route that combines natural scenery, cultural history, and mysterious legends.

    Facing the fresh air, employees walked forward along the route, witnessing the beautiful scenery that nature has given us and feeling relaxed both physically and mentally. Along the way, everyone shared their work and life experiences with each other, enhancing mutual understanding and feelings.

    Everyone was full of passion and vitality for the hiking competition. All groups worked together to complete tasks and compete against other teams. In the end, several agile and tough teams achieved success, demonstrating their strong abilities in front of all participating teams.

    The entire team-building activity was filled with laughter, love, and a special arrangement of the route allowed employees to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese historical culture and natural landscapes. This hiking activity not only enhanced the physical fitness of employees but also demonstrated their teamwork and collaboration abilities.

  • 03

    Friendship Basketball Game

    In 2022, Ronstein Group organized a group basketball tournament. This competition attracted many employees who love basketball to participate actively and formed dynamic and passionate teams.

    At the competition site, the atmosphere was very lively. All players exerted their full strength and fought bravely on the court, constantly striving for victory.

    Throughout the competition, whether it was players or spectators, everyone felt the charm of sports and the power of friendship. In the tense and thrilling game, players continued to break through their limits, grow in challenges, and progress in competition.

    This group basketball tournament not only allowed employees to relax their minds and bodies after busy work but also demonstrated Ronstein Group's positive, united and cooperative corporate culture and values.

  • 04

    2021 Football League

    On June 29th, 2021, Ronstein Group held an outdoor football match in the company courtyard. This was a dynamic and passionate game that attracted many employees who love football to participate actively.

    After the opening whistle, two teams entered the field under the morning sunshine and started an intense competition. The players' superb skills and excellent cooperation demonstrated their hard work and achievements in regular training.

    During the game, the players put their whole hearts into it, running, competing, and cooperating to win every opportunity for their team. Every brilliant offense and defense sparked enthusiastic applause and cheers from the audience.

    In the end, after the match ended, the players of both teams shook hands, expressing respect and gratitude to each other. The entire football match was filled with friendship and team spirit, and the employees strengthened their connections and cohesion through this game.

    This outdoor football match not only allowed employees to relax their minds and bodies after work but also demonstrated Ronstein Group's positive, sports-loving corporate culture and values.

  • 06

    Ronstein holds an annual "Family Parent-Child Day" event

    Ronstein Group also holds a family-parent child day event annually, aiming to strengthen the connection and interaction between employees and their children, and improve parents' communication and understanding with their children. The event usually includes various educational and entertaining activities, such as science exhibitions, handicraft making, parent-child games, and sports.

    In this activity, parents and children participate together in various games and activities, share interesting experiences, and further deepen their feelings towards each other. The company also invites professionals to provide lectures and guidance to participants, teaching parenting skills and knowledge.

    Through this activity, Ronstein Group hopes to strengthen the relationship between employees and their families, create a positive, healthy, and happy family atmosphere, and demonstrate the corporate culture and values that emphasize family values and the cultivation of the next generation.

  • 05

    2021 Tan Mountain Mine Cave Crossing, Taihu Lake Blue Hiking Event

    On May 28th, 2021, Ronstein Group organized a challenging and passionate adventure for its employees through a Tan Mountain Mine cave exploration and Taihu Blue hiking activity.

    During the Tan Mountain Mine cave exploration, employees delved deep into the underground to experience the mysterious geological structures and spectacular sights. In the darkness of the cave, they overcame fear and discomfort, demonstrating great courage and perseverance.

    Next, the employees started the Taihu Blue hiking activity. The route followed along the edge of Taihu Lake, offering beautiful scenery and fresh air. They enjoyed the unique water town style of southern China and the natural beauty around Taihu Lake, which left them feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

    In both activities, employees fully experienced the joy and sense of accomplishment of self-challenge and breakthroughs. Through teamwork, they overcome various difficulties and challenges, demonstrating their spirit of tenacity and infinite potential.

    The entire cave exploration and hiking activity ended in a tense, exciting, and pleasant atmosphere. Employees gained physical and mental growth, and became more determined in their love for life and pursuit of excellence.

    This adventure also demonstrated Ronstein Group's positive, breakthrough-oriented, and courageously striving corporate culture and values, showing employees the company's care and support.

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