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ProductQuality Assurance Statement


Dear Clients,

First of all, thank you forchoosing to purchase our products, in order to protect the rights and interestsof both parties, we make the following statement:

Productquality assurance period: within one year from the date of delivery of theproduct, if the quotation stipulates the quality assurance period, the warrantyperiod agreed in the quotation shall prevail; If the warranty period is notmentioned, the provisions of this clause shall prevail.


1.During the warranty period, defects caused by the product itself(non-human reasons) will be repaired and replaced free of charge; Due to thefailure caused by human reasons (not our personnel) or natural disasters, ourcompany provides paid services, and only charges the cost of damage orreplacement parts.


2. After the expiration of the warranty period, our companypromises to provide long-term technical support and preferential spare partsand maintenance services, implement preferential price supply for vulnerableparts, and ensure that the buyer receives the required accessories and wearingparts within two weeks.


3. Unless due to an emergency, the buyer shall not repair thedefects by himself or hire a third party to repair the defects without theconsent of our company; If it is indeed an emergency, it should also benotified to our company immediately for reporting.


4. For the parts provided by the buyer, the manufacturer of thespecific product is responsible for the maintenance, which has nothing to dowith our company.


5. Our company promises to make telephone return visits to buyersfrom time to time to understand the operation status of products and provide buyerswith technical services.


6. Our company guarantees to give a clear reply or solution withinthree days; If on-site processing is required, ensure the time to reach aconsensus with the buyer and arrive at the site on time.


Ourcompany does not provide any guarantee and is not responsible for the followingsituations: the buyer unreasonable or improper use of the delivered items,normal wear and tear, improper maintenance, failure to provide a proper,stable, safe and reasonable operating environment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch!


Best regards!

Suzhou Ronstein AutomationTechnology Co., Ltd

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