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Comply with environmental laws and regulations

Identify relevant environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements documents issued by customers, governments, and companies, including updated laws, regulations, and other requirements. Keep records of the "JL-EP-01-01 Identification and evaluation form for internal and external environmental elements of the organization" and "JL-EP-01-02 Identification and review form for needs and expectations of related parties", and include:

Registration form for Environmental Impact of Construction Project with registration no.#2019320505000000280;

China Pollutant Discharge Permit with registration No. #913205066907925349001X fixed pollution source pollutant discharge receipt;

Record no.#32005202NYS190029 Construction Project Completion Acceptance Fire Safety Preparedness Certificate;

For specific reference, please refer to the LSD-EP-04 Legal, Regulatory and Other Requirements Management Procedure


Compliance evaluation, Conduct evaluation and analysis of the company's compliance with laws and regulations to ensure compliance with domestic and international environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements. Keep records of the "JL-EP-13-02 Compliance Evaluation Report ", regularly verify safety accessories in the oil-water separator to avoid safety hazards, and keep notes on foreign trade, as follows:

Registration form for Foreign Trade Operators with ID# 04242734;

For specific reference, refer to the "LSD-EP-13 Compliance Evaluation Control Procedure"

Prevent environmental pollution during product lifecycle

Respond to risks and opportunities, develop corresponding measures to control various risks and opportunities that are related to the company's goals and strategic direction and affect the expected results of the quality and environmental management system, evaluate the effectiveness of the measures, and record them in the "JL-EP-02-01 Risk and opportunity assessment and analysis form".

For specific reference, refer to the "LSD-EP-02 Risk and Opportunity Response Control Procedure"

Control and implementation, carry out environmental system operation activities according to environmental requirements, develop annual training plans, conduct training evaluations according to job requirements, regularly organize environmental system operation inspections, and keep "JL-EP-09-01 Environmental system operation inspection records"

For specific reference, please refer to the LSD-EP-09 Environmental Management Operation Control Procedure,

LSD-EP-06 Human Resources Management Procedure, and EMS-WI-03 Job Capability Requirements

Energy-saving and CO2 emission reduction

Identify energy and resources, including but not limited to electricity; Resources include but are not limited to water and IT equipment and facilities.

For specific reference, refer to the "EMS-WI-05 Energy Resource Management Control Procedure"

Manage energy and resources, clarify usage standards for electricity, water, IT equipment and facilities, regularly inspect compliance, and record the "JL-WI-05-01 Annual energy consumption statistics record" to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

For specific reference, refer to the LSD-EP-12 Environmental Performance Monitoring and Measurement Control


Suppress waste generation

Evaluate and select relevant parties that meet the company's environmental management requirements, regularly inspect key stakeholders that have a significant impact, promote the company's environmental policies and objectives, and strive to curb waste generation. Retain the "JL-EP-10-01 Environmental Management Questionnaire for Related Parties".

For specific reference, refer to the "LSD-EP-10 Management Procedure for Exerting Influence on Relevant Parties"

For oil management, Ronstein selects products with low sulfur content, low pollution, low toxicity, and low corrosiveness. Manage the handling, warehousing, and labeling of oil products in accordance with MSDS, and dispose of abandoned oil products and empty oil drums according to management requirements.

For specific reference, please refer to the EMS-WI-01 Oil Product Management System


Solid waste management is classified, collected, registered, and stored by Ronstein according to the categories of recyclable, and non recyclable. It is the responsibility of a dedicated person, and the "waste material entry record" is registered.

For specific reference, refer to the "EMS-WI-04 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Control Procedure"

Establish emergency response activities

Fire-fighting exercises provide emergency knowledge education and drills for personnel, improve on-site operators' emergency capabilities, and reduce damage caused by emergencies and adverse effects on the environment. And keep the "JL-EP-11-02 Emergency exercise record".

For specific reference, refer to the LSD-EP-11 Emergency Preparedness and Response Control Procedure and

EMS-WI-02 Fire Management System

Material management involves equipping emergency materials as needed and keeping monthly inspection records, including the "JL-EP-11-03 Monthly Inspection Record Form for Emergency Materials" and the "Record of Labor Protection and Safety and Fire Protection Expenses".

Continuously improving

Internal and external audits, develop annual audit plans, conduct on-site audits, evaluate the effectiveness of the environmental management system operation and maintain compliance with system standards. At the same time, we welcome regular annual audits or customer visits from third parties to record the "Non conformance Report and Corrective Action Form"

Please refer to the LSD-EP-14 Internal Audit Control Procedureand LSD-EP-15 Management Review Control

Procedurefor details

Continuously improve the system, analyze the causes of non conformities found during audits, propose corrective measures and deadlines, track and verify the implementation effectiveness of measures, and contribute to the continuous improvement of the environmental management system.

For specific reference, please refer to the LSD-EP-16 Nonconformance, Correction, and Prevention Control


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