Hiking the "Lingbai Trail" in 2022

Pubdate:2023-03-28 Views:675


In 2022, Ronstein Group's hiking activity took place as scheduled on a weekend, and employees participated in the event with great enthusiasm. The route of the activity was to cross the Lingbai Line, which is a hiking route that combines natural scenery, cultural history, and mysterious legends.

Facing the fresh air, employees walked forward along the route, witnessing the beautiful scenery that nature has given us and feeling relaxed both physically and mentally. Along the way, everyone shared their work and life experiences with each other, enhancing mutual understanding and feelings.

Everyone was full of passion and vitality for the hiking competition. All groups worked together to complete tasks and compete against other teams. In the end, several agile and tough teams achieved success, demonstrating their strong abilities in front of all participating teams.

The entire team-building activity was filled with laughter, love, and a special arrangement of the route allowed employees to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese historical culture and natural landscapes. This hiking activity not only enhanced the physical fitness of employees but also demonstrated their teamwork and collaboration abilities.

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