Spring Team Building at Red Bean Mountain Resort in 2023

Pubdate:2023-04-04 Views:693


In March, Ronstein Group's 2023 Spring Team Building Activity kicked off with great fanfare. The event included employee check-ins, flying disc games, food DIY, and a chef competition, which made everyone very happy.

Employee Check-Ins

On the first day of the activity, all employees participated in the check-in session actively. Everyone came to report on their work and life situation, feeling the warmth and strength of this big family.

Flying Disc Games

Next, the flying disc game began. In the fresh air, employees divided into groups, sweating and enjoying the pleasure brought by exercise. Through close cooperation and tacit cooperation, each team achieved good results.

Food DIY

The hungry employees got the opportunity to do some food DIY. Each group had its own kitchen and materials and could freely use creativity to make unique and delicious dishes. Through sharing and tasting, employees got to know each other more deeply and cultivated teamwork spirit.

Chef Competition

Finally, the chef competition involving all employees was launched. Each group sent out their best representatives to showcase their cooking skills and teamwork spirit. After professional judges' evaluation and voting, several winners were selected.

The whole event was filled with laughter and love, creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Employees spent a pleasant time and gained a deeper understanding of company culture and values.

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